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Oil Drill Rigs

RoseWater is committed to reducing energy consumption through sustainable and environmentally friendly systems with an extensive recyclability program in place. Our system is designed to be battery agnostic. System design and safety features include:
Built-in Features:
• Fire protection and gas monitoring systems designed into Hub
• Offsite/Remote monitoring and control
• Interior/Exterior alarms
• SCADA system
• Supervisory control and data acquisition
• HVAC system to ensure proper operating temperature
• Renewable Integration
• Solar/wind integration option to increase environmental benefit
Oil Rig operation facts:
• 3 to 5 generators to operate a rig
• Diesel powered generators can take from one to two minutes to respond when idling, natural gas generators can take 3 to 5 minutes
• Diesel powered generators can take up to five minutes from a dead stop to reach sufficient power; natural gas can take as long as 15 minutes
• Cost of fuel plus delivery is excessive
• Idling generators consume a lot of fuel and spew unnecessary carbon emissions
• Extra generator capacity is required at all times to ensure instantaneous power is available to prevent catastrophic failure. Catastrophic failure MUST be avoided