The RoseWater Energy Storage Hub

Negates the"What if" questions that plague your life.

  • What if the power goes out or flickers?
  • What if solar panels were an option?
  • What if an energy spike hits my system?
  • What if my backup generator fails?
  • What if I have downtime?
  • What if I had to replace everything?


Custom integrators deal with that "What if?" moment every day. Homeowners, audiophiles and entrepreneurs, too. If you plug in for the purpose of charging up, kicking back or taking control, you have to consider your power limitations.


RoseWater Side-by-Side FRONT

RoseWater Residential Energy Storage Hub

The RoseWater Energy Hub is the first all-in-one residential and light commercial power solution integrating three capabilities into one platform to serve the complete electrical needs of an entire premise, in essence transforming the electrical system in place into a self-sustaining microgrid:

                • Protects all home and office electronics by, delivering conditioned electricity that's much cleaner than utility power to power sensitive audio and video systems as well as home networking components, home automation and lighting control systems.
                • Uninterruptable Power Supply with zero transfer time, to safely and securely ride out power failures 
                • Ready for renewables – users adopting the RoseWater Energy Hub for power quality and back-up reasons can "go solar" for relatively little additional cost, for greener living and energy independence 


The RoseWater Energy Hub offers a more seamless, cost-effective total system integration solution, using a dual inverter system with solar input, that blends power conditioning, backup, and renewable energy management into one pre-assembled, configured and integrated platform. With everything integrated, prewired and tested, the potential for installation and set-up problems is greatly reduced at the jobsite.

AC Cabinet
84" H x 23.6" W x 26.75" D

Nano Carbon Battery Cabinet
84” H x 28.1” W x 22.1” D

Lithium Ion Battery Cabinet
84" H x 23.6" W x 26.75" D

product solutions tbl 

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Considered 'the most intelligent residential energy solution on the market today', the RoseWater Energy Hub offers a more seamless, cost-effective total system integration solution, using a dual inverter system with solar input, that blends power conditioning, backup, and renewable energy management into one pre-assembled, configured and integrated platform; in essence transforming the electrical system in place into a self-sustaining microgrid.

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