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Rosewater Energy is dedicated to the exploration of new ways to harness energy for the improvement of systems that are important to us. The configuration of new and emerging technologies is very important of our pursuit to meet the evolving energy requirements of the 21st century.
Pure Energy
Traditional power-grid systems rely on municipal systems that have questionable infrastructure and problematic maintenance budgets. Utility customers experience periodic power failures, voltage spikes and other interruptions that could mean permanent harm to high-end electronics or downtime for vital security systems. In the 21st century, people have begun to realize that they deserve better. The Residential Energy Storage Hub enhances incoming utility and auxiliary power to the home and acts as a solution that simplifies and guarantees the delivery of the clean power that even the most demanding systems need. The Hub acts as a surge protector and assures that, regardless of source, the connected circuits will always see pure sign waves at precisely 110 volts and 60 cycles.
Reliable Energy
Receiving uninterruptable power for selected critical circuits that ensures you won't be worrying about natural disturbances, grid faults or other interruptions ever again. The Residential Energy Storage Hub employs a 10 kW/12kWh power quality conversion switchgear that utilizes UPS technology and corrects many common power quality problems that can occur with power from the grid, renewables and back-up generators. Functioning as a guaranteed uninterruptible power supply, seasons with lower solar output or frequent power instability will present no issue for the Rosewater Energy's hub. Double Conversion UPS technology provides the highest quality power possible for today’s mission critical applications and high-tech consumer products, minimizing the opportunity for:
• Component stress
• Burned circuit boards
• Data crashes
• Program failures
Green Energy
Robust technologies have come together to enable any power system to incorporate earth-friendly alternative energy sources such as solar photovoltaic (PV) renewables. Though solar power is typically a variable and unreliable source, the Hub strengthens the incoming signal and bolsters power requirement loads with a vibrant substructure of high-capacity batteries to handle the constant stream of high demand and high importance components.
Independent Energy
Sustain the systems that power your life independently and autonomously. Demand Response (DR) load management capabilities work with your existing utility and auxiliary systems to decide when and to what degree you rely on traditional power. The Hub will allow the user to participate in demand/response programs to go fully “off grid”, enabling true residential power independence. The system is easily configured through the use of the Energy Router™, allowing the simple integration of on-board UPS monitoring functions: solar energy production and usage, utility smart grid interface requirements and other features. This functionality also provides homeowners with control and monitoring capabilities from both in-home and remote access systems—a service that is quickly growing in demand.
Rosewater provides the perfect energy storage solutions for any homeowner who desires the benefits of a reliable power supply.