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The RoseWater Energy Hub solution ensures grid stability, acting as both a UPS and a power source to offset possible issues (e.g. high electricity rates during peak demand). The Hub charges during optimum times, likely overnight, and will cycle during peak times and power outages.
As the grid becomes both “smarter” and greener, it brings with it inherent problems: Problems with frequency regulation, problems with grid stability and problems with power quality, to name a few. Our unique products help resolve these issues at prices that makes sense. A green, stable, consistent and reliable grid, now that is smart.
To that end, RoseWater continues to work with PowerStream, Ontario’s second largest privately held LDC and has formed a co-marketing agreement with Brant Renewable Energy to market RoseWater Energy’s solutions to the MUSH sector (Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals) in Ontario.
Adding to its credibility as a leader in energy storage, RoseWater recently completed a partnership with Queen’s University in Ontario to conduct a study to evaluate the impact of a widely-distributed energy storage system backed by RoseWater’s Residential Energy Storage Hub on an electrical grid. Power Stream, Brant County Power and PJM Interconnection participated in the study, providing real world data points and input that made this study not only unique, but an essential tool in determining the market strategy and direction, a first for the industry.